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Hale Ready for Seattle

He's been committed to Arizona for several months, but Cali corner Naijiel Hale told Wednesday that he's taking a "serious" look at U-Dub.

"I'm enjoying the moment", Hale said about going through the process -- but it doesn't hurt that his "brother" John Gardenhire has already committed to Washington, and old friends such as Keishawn Biarra, John Ross and Brandon Beaver are already on the Husky roster as well.

The Huskies didn't give up on trying to court this ball-hawking defensive back and getting him in for the final visit weekend could prove to be a major coupe.

"I'm really going to check it out", Hale added, "I know the university is nice and that it's really beautiful up there".

At 5-10, 183 Hale was an Army All American this past winter, and he's both a 247 and composite 4-star prospect -- ranking 19th in the country at his position.

Yesterday he met with Jimmy Lake, who had come to his school to see him, and he says he has a good relationship with the Huskies' DB coach and trust in his coaching.

The son of deceased rapper Natedogg, Hale is a very confident corner who has that swagger you love to see in a DB, "I'll be talking out there", he laughed, adding that he didn't understand why others didn't "get" Richard Sherman and how jubilant he was in beating out a receiver to catapult his team to a super bowl - for guys like Hale, that's the pinnacle of play if you're a defensive back.

"We had some 7 on 7's and all I was doing was talking", he laughed, "That video is on youtube -- I'm very competitive."

But Hale also gets it done off the football field and is an otherwise very humble and well-grounded young man -- he's going into the weekend with the attitude that he's still honoring his commitment to Arizona, but could that change?

"I'm not sure yet", he said, "I'll just have to wait and see".

If he gets "blown away" by Washington, it's not out of the realm of possibility that he will flip, this is just how it works these days, particularly when a recruit takes such a late visit, and he's already seen Arizona officially, so Hale says that this weekend will be about "comparison" and what Washington has to offer versus what Arizona has to offer.

For Hale, there were some ties to Arizona via his late father, which is part of what attracted him to the school in the first place. The Washington ties are going to be more about friendships already established with future and current Huskies.

At any rate, he said he will be talking to us on Sunday when the visit is over.

Stay tuned...

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