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Carta-Samuels talks about Pledge

The commitment of K.J. Carta-Samuels to Washington meant a lot to Washington in more ways than one. He talks in depth to about his decision.

Carta-Samuels was the first 4-star commitment the Petersen staff has received, and he is also showing that he's a guy who doesn't shy away from competition.

This young man is tough as nails and can't wait to compete at Washington.

"I actually committed last night", Carta-Samuels told, "When I visited my mom and dad wanted me to commit then."

His older brother Austin has plays for Vandy and that's part of the reason why the younger Carta-Samuels was committed to Vandy originally, "I love my brother and it would be fun to go try to break some of his records, but in the end I just had to do what's best for myself, and eventually everyone's goal is to get to the league and we probably wouldn't play for the same team anyway -- but I wanted to do it the right way (with Vandy) because I have a lot of respect for that program."

There was so much that stood out to Carta-Samuels when he saw the University of Washington, "The facilities and the stadium..I just can't wait to get there when there's a game", he said, "It's an amazing stadium. I'm going to start fishing and getting into more water sports -- it's a beautiful place.

"With the education and playing for Coach Pete, this is the place for me -- this is my team."

When Carta-Samuels tweeted that he had committed, he also sent out a plea to Budda Baker to join the Class of 2014, "I'm going to be recruiting everybody -- this is my class", he said, "As a quarterback you have to take on the responsibility of being in charge -- we have to get the best class in here that we can."

Carta-Samuels went to the Elite 11 over the summer, "I thought I did real well the first three days, and the fourth day we got the playbook and I did okay, the 5th day I did real well again -- I just want to be consistent all 5 days."

One thing about Carta-Samuels is that he has a tremendous work ethic -- he'll be putting in plenty of time in the weight room, the film-study room, and with the playbook.

"Our school doesn't let us graduate early and I wish I could", he said of a possible spring enrollment, "But I really feel that I fit into their system real well. With Coach Smith and Coach Pete...I fit in."

Carta-Samuels is 6-21/2 and weighs around 225. He's a tough, tough quarterback and he's very accurate. He has a big arm and one scout even compared him to a young Andrew Luck.

"I've heard that before", Carta-Samuels said.

There's no question that this was a huge steal for the Huskies -- they won a recruiting battle against an SEC school where the recruit's own brother played, and where Chris Petersen and Jonathan Smith are concerned, they came, they saw, and they conquered -- or in this case -- they closed.

One thing that Carta-Samuels got to watch the Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma, "I could just tell how disciplined that team was under those coaches. You have to be impressed with his record", he said about Petersen.

Carta-Samuels talked about coaches who have a proven formula for winning -- he brought up Pete Carroll who did it at the college level at USC, and now has his Seattle team going to the Super bowl.

"I know Coach Petersen can do it at Washington and that's why I'm going there".

Notable accomplishments:

US Army All American Bowl Invitee - NFTC Oakland 2013 MVP - 247 and composite 4 Star - 6'3" - GPA 3.68 - 4.11 Shuttle - 4.67 40 - Bellarmine College Prep - ESPN 250 - WCAL Junior of the Year - 1st Team All League - MVP NUC - MVP Madden 7on7 - MVP Passing Down 7on7 - MVP Best of West 7on7 - IMG Madden

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